Walk the Line (2005) – Review

With the release of “Logan” dominating last month’s box office, we take a retrospective adventure down memory lane, to review director James Mangold’s most critically acclaimed film to date; Walk The Line. In an era where many influential 20th century icons are entering the final chapters of their lives, diversity of modern cinema has proved to not only preserve their legacies with accuracy and respect, but ensured they are remembered forever. Since the millennial turn, biopics have become a staple in contemporary film with Ray (2004), The Pianist (2002), and more recently Stephen Hawking’s depiction in The Theory of Everything (2014) being considered instant classics. Walk The Line, which walks us through the early life of legendary country musician Johnny Cash, is certainly not an exception. However, twelve years have passed since its launch and approval, leading us to ponder: Has it successfully stood the test of time? Or is it in danger of being eclipsed by Mangold’s highly appraised Marvel flick?

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Blue Valentine (2010) – Review

In story telling nothing features more prolific than love, whether its star-crossed lovers or a tale as old as time, love always triumphs. However, the writer, director and self proclaiming ‘documentarian of fiction’ Derik Cianfrance showed no interest in depicting a fairytale, rehashed by so many, he instead created a film that showed the side to love that is real and haunting. Continue reading